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All about “The Binge”

Chocolate is pure indulgence. And we believe in providing excessive indulgence when it comes to chocolates. The process is such that we assemble everything so diligently that the entire experience leaves you in an awe.
We endeavour in producing chocolates made with the same perfection and care and exercised with prudence as those of global heavy weights.
Our products are characterized by their select ingredients, craftsmanship and enticing flavours with more emphasis on quality. We know that the entire process becomes an accomplishment when mere unwrapping becomes a part of the lavish experience.

About the Founder

Mahek Sugandh, PHD holder in Chocolates and Confectionery, is the founder of The Binge chocolates. Inspired by seeing her father working for his passion in his chocolate factories, fascinated her to a level that instilled a passion in her to excel and redefine chocolates into edible luxury and art. Her passion and her cut-edge creativity have wowed customers and earned her a reputation she has today.
Kick starting her journey from Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy, Mumbai, to learn the art and science of making chocolates, successively she travelled around the globe to gain knowledge from the best professionals in field. It was during her training at Las Vegas that boosted her confidence to another level and gave assertiveness to her entire idea of The Binge.
With her innovative and enthusiastic approach towards creation of products that are exuberant, over-the-top and amazingly unique in flavours, she has established The Binge as a class apart brand PAN India to exacting standards making it the only brand in India offering a range of 12 different flavours of Bonbons with signature fillings, all in one box.
“With well-travelled consumers coming in with the experience of having consumed premium chocolate products, the range we offer is becoming more prevalent. One can only believe in the quality and craft that we offer once they experience it, and once they do, that’s when they come back to us.
And it’s always a pleasure making these soul-satiating delights that will appeal to everyone especially those who value premium quality chocolate and consciously indulge in it.”
– Mahek Sugandh

Our Team

We are a team of chocolatiers, based in India who make exquisite confections entirely by hand. We believe handmade chocolates should just be like it means– hand-made from start to end, hence it is made sure that no artificial flavours, stabilizers or preservatives are used. We take absolutely no shortcuts in the process because we believe that every step counts. The perfectly crafted bonbons are hand-shelled. The ingredients for the fillings initially are sourced locally then ethically from around the globe. To achieve that brilliant shine on the bonbons, we polish each mold individually. The finest machinery coupled with technology imported from Italy is used along with traditional artisanal techniques to handcraft chocolate in small batches that accentuates the quality of chocolate perfecting it’s flavour and texture.

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