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Luster box

If you are a gold digger of flavours that leave you spell bound, this collection is for you! The Luster box allows you to taste the gold bars and get lost in their royal essence. After all, Chocolate is as precious as Gold for the real lover. Its time to Prove your Love!


(Box of 4 Assortments)

Gift the taste of Paradise filled with flavours that challenge the taste buds to glue to the authentic magic that it creates.


(Box of 5 Assortments)

Ranging from the flavourful hazelnuts to mouthwatering caramalizations, this box is an ultimate download from the heavens of delecacy.
Assortments that make you taste royalty in every bite.

Luxe Edit Box

Confused from so much to select from? Let us help you with a quick solution.
Here’s the Luxe edit that lets you customize the chocolates that your soul craves. Presenting only what you love! Yours’ utmost favourite.


From the heaven’s above we bring to you the grandeur! A box for the crème de la crème lover of chocolates! Experience the heaven inside!

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